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by Jillian on Blank Business Name
I am amazed with the piercing

Kimmy did an amazing job on my venom bites, the are beautiful and i love them. She is really funny and i am definitely going to come back to get more. I would recommend anyone to ho to her shop.

Highly recommend Kimmy!!!

I went to Kimmy for my daith piercings 6 weeks ago. Since having them done I have only had two migraines. This is a huge improvement and totally life changing!! Kimmy was awesome! She knows what she is doing and makes you feel totally comfortable. She explains everything that she is doing and how to care for your piercings afterwards. I had no problems with mine and I would tell any one to go see Kimmy!!!

Kimmy is great

I got a piercing done by another piercer who did it wrong and injured me. Kimmy looked at it gave me advice on what to do and fixed it at a great price. I highly recommend Kimmy! She informed me and my boyfriend what was going to haopen, what we needed to do and she even numbed me all before the procedure. Shes highly professional and friendly at the same time.

Vertical Hood Piercing

Kimmy was wonderful. I was very unsure about getting my vertical hood pierced, but after talking to her it was an easy choice! She answered all my questions in a very understandable and professional manner. She made me feel completely comfortable in a situation I wasn't sure about. The piercing does not hurt, only a slight pinch... but make sure you listen to her directions for when you are getting the piercing so you give her the opportunity to give you the best piercing possible! I would recommend her to all my friends! Thanks Kimmy for a good experience!

Absolutely Amazing

Kim is amazing!! So funny and comfortable. My piercing is healing perfectly I will refer everyone to this amazing woman!! Thank you for the great experience!!

Daith Piercings vs. Migraines

I want to say a great big thank you to Kimmie!!! I have been plagued with migraines for the past many years with increased severity and frequency lately, and, recently, at least two migraines a week. The medical doctors’ answers have been treatment with medication that really isn’t conducive to ones’ regular activates in many ways. I have researched and tried many treatment options with some of them not only being expensive but short lived. What I have found is that not everyone responds to each, any or even just one form of treatment. Migraines are a vascular type of headache that can be debilitating and come with a variety of triggers.
The Daith piercing has been under medical scrutiny for quite some time now and honestly may not be for everyone… But… I can report that it has been the most effective treatment for me so far! The day before Kimmy did the daith piercings on me, I had yet another debilitating migraine (the second one that week) and was suffering from rebound headaches when I met with her. She made sure that I understood possible reactions and scenarios and we were underway… We found what may have been my trigger side, and I won’t lie… Yeah! It Hurt! However, by the time I walked the front of the shop, my headache was GONE! I had Instant relief and have not had even a headache since! Totally Worth It for me!!!!
Do your due diligence, research treatment options… and if you are still not sure about the Daith piercing….try acupuncture before deciding on the Daith, AND By All Means… Talk to Kimmy!!! She is AMAZING!!!

by Charity on Blank Business Name

I won a piercing off of Kimmy Pope's page on Facebook. I had had a piercing done for awhile, I got my nose repierced and she was very nice & friendly and professional. I definitely recommend her to everyone. Thank you again :)

by Tracey Donaldson on Blank Business Name
vertical hood peircing

I went to see Kimmy for a very personnel piercing, I was both nervous and embarrassed. Kimmy was wonderful. Very professional and put my mind at ease. After talking to her I was more than ready to get it done. Amazing!!! didn't hurt like I thought it would and I'm sure it had more to do with the piercer than anything else. I was lucky enough to find (in my opinion) the best Boise has to offer.
I will definitely be making another appointment to see her again. Beautiful, professional, caring, informative and gentle. Thank you Kimmy!!! See you soon :)

by Jennifer on Blank Business Name
Nose piercing

I got my nose pierced by Kimmy today. She really impressed me with her professionalism. She was direct, kind and thorough. I even got a cute bag with after care goodies. Thank you. I will be back for my next piercing.

I love kimmy she was so awesome!!! She pierced my nose and pierced my nieces with snake bites! She explained each step and at home care. She was so sweet and went over and Beyond!! I'm telling everyone who I know who wants to get pierced she the women to go to!!!!
Thanks again kimmy you are the best and sweetest!!!

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