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There are many piercing questions that you’ll want to ask your piercer when you visit but we know it’s easy to forget in the moment. That said; it’s important to get as much info as possible from your piercer, though many will most likely volunteer the information to keep you as informed about your body modification as possible. When it comes to your body, always remember that you have a right to ask as many questions as you want and you certainly won’t be bothering the piercer by asking them. If a piercer is reluctant to explain the process of your piercing or makes you feel uncomfortable then perhaps you should think twice about allowing them to pierce you. When it comes to piercing advise, here are a few piercing questions that you can ask to keep yourself informed.


Piercing Advice Before You Get Your Body Modification


*How long have you been piercing?

Many piercers learn practically on the job, whilst others may have taken a course. All piercers including Kimmy herself has been thoroughly trained and instructed. Kimmy has received an apprenticeship and numerous months of on the job training before ever doing her first piercing. For these reasons you can be sure you are receiving a quality piercing by a professionally trained and experienced piercer/artist.


*Have you performed this piercing before?

This question is very important if you’re looking to get a more advanced or unusual piercing. A piercer should never attempt to perform a piercing they’re unfamiliar with and many should have a portfolio of piercings they have performed to show you how well their piercings have gone in the past. They should also be familiar with the anatomy around the area you wish you get pierced as well as familiarizing themselves with your body specifically as everyone is different.


*How do you ensure that your equipment is sterile?

Incredibly important for ensuring that your safety in maintained, Kimmy use’s approved equipment to keep her piercings and piercing tools sterile. If you feel uncertain about the conditions then always trust your instincts. Kimmy does not reuse instruments on customers. All tools are sanitized and ran thru an auto clave to ensure sterilization and neutralization of any bacteria and pathogens.  

*What will you be using for the piercing?

Many piercers disagree with using piercing guns for the lobes and guns are not advised for cartilage piercings throughout the ear. Some unusual piercings require different equipment but many piercings are done with a hollow needle, which will only be used once. It’s very important for you to understand exactly how the piercing will be carried out and you should never be afraid to get Kimmy to repeat herself if you don’t understand at first. Kimmy prides herself on customer service and verbally relaxing and walking each customer thru the process of the piercing as it happens. Your comfort is her number one priority.


*What kind of body jewelry will be inserted?

Kimmy mandates that titanium or surgically certified steel should be used for all new piercings, so ensure that your piercer is following this. Where a barbell is required, especially in the ears, the correct length is incredibly important. Kimmy advises all people seeking to get a piercing that she only uses hi grade jewelry that absolutely do not contain nickel or other pollutants commonly found in cheap jewelry. This ensures non rejection and less likelihood of becoming infected during the healing process.


*Will you be able to return to get your piercing changed for free or will this cost extra?

In the case of lip piercings, the flesh will swell a great deal initially so you’ll most likely need to get your piercing changed after the first month or it may become uncomfortable. With cartilage piercings, some people need to change to plastic jewelry to help the healing process so find out what your options will be if that is required for yours.


*If you have problems, will you be able to return for advice regarding your piercing?

This question is obviously very important as you will most likely want support throughout your piercing. Most piercers are happy to take calls and talk to you in person after your piercing, particularly if you become worried about something. Kimmy offers a business card with contact information for this reason at each and every appointment.


If you want to remember your piercing by getting the process filmed or photographed ALWAYS ask the piercer’s permission first and keep in mind that they have every right to say no. You don’t want your piercer distracted!


Piercing Advice After You Get Your Body Modification


*Is there anything you should be doing for your particular piercing to help it heal?

Don’t forget that all piercings are different and will react differently. Don’t assume that if you’ve had one piercing your next one will be the same story, always ask!


*What is the rough healing time for this piercing?

Keep in mind that this is not gospel; some people have to routinely clean their piercings throughout the rest of their lives so healing can be different for everyone. Most piercings take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to heal, again this will vary from person to person depending on your hygiene and proper care of your piercing. Cartilage piercings are different however these can take up to 6 months to heal due to the nature of cartilage and how your body regrows the tissue. Always ask Kimmy “ANY” QUESTIONS!! There is no dumb question. What’s dumb is to lose your piercings because you did not ask!! DON’T BE THAT GUY!!!


*What is a normal reaction for this piercing?

Kimmy will be able to outline for you any reactions that should give you concern. She can also give you advice about how to detect if you’re developing an infection and whether you can return to them or if you should consult your doctor first. By asking these piercing questions, you’ll know that you’re making an educated decision about your piercer and it’s very important that you trust their judgement. Your piercer should be happy to answer any questions you have and will most likely give you all the information you need. That said, you should keep the above questions in mind to make sure that you know exactly what’s going on with your body modification. Information is the most important way to ensure that your piercing heals quickly and looks great so never be afraid to ask these important piercing questions, or asking your piercer to repeat information they have already given you.

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